Boston Hospitals address Ebola virus outbreak; Senate confirms Robert McDonald as VA secretary;

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> Boston hospitals now instruct clinical staff to ask patients about their travel history and symptoms in response to the West African outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, The Boston Globe reports. Article

> In a rare bipartisan move, the Senate on Tuesday unanimously confirmed Robert McDonald, former CEO of Procter & Gamble, as secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, The Washington Post reports. Article

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> Hospitals increasingly plan to outsource coding efforts in the coming year, according to a new survey published today by Black Book Rankings. Article

> The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services must improve its security procedures for granting access to physical facilities as well as computer applications and files, according to an audit from the HHS Office of Inspector General that found security controls inadequate. Article

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>  Physician groups across the country denounced last week's court ruling upholding a Florida law that discourages doctors from asking patients about gun ownership "when doing so would be irrelevant to patients' medical care." Article

And Finally... Ah, love. Article