Boomer subgroup will do anything for health

Watch out for "Generation V"!  That's the name researchers have given to an extremely health conscious segment of the boomer generation, who, researchers say, have decided to make good health a priority over wealth, professional achievement and status in their communities. A recent study, by surveyor Hal Quinley of Yankelovich division the Segmentation Group, found that about 38 percent of Americans aged 42 to 60 fit into Quinley's "Generation V" demographic. Most of these folks stay current on new health studies, use vitamins and minerals, feel confident about life and like to keep active. Just over half use nutritional supplements too. Meanwhile, providers take note--a full 86 percent of this group say they will spend whatever money is necessary to meet these goals. Sounds like companies such as US Preventive Medicine are launching at right time to meet these folks' needs.

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