Bill curbs physicians in torture participation; More nurses go on strike;

> As one of the first, a new New York bill would allow medical boards to discipline physicians and other healthcare professionals who participate, plan, or engage in torture or improper treatment of prisoners. It would also require that healthcare professionals report such acts. Bill

> Union nurses at Beverly Hospital in Massachusetts plan to strike next week, fearful that the hospital's recent sale will affect their jobs, reports the Salem News. Meanwhile, nurses at Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital in Minnesota rejected a hospital contract last month and voted to strike at an unspecified date, reports CBS Minnesota. Article 1 and Article 2

> The White House yesterday announced the first White House Rural Council, established specifically to address rural area issues, including improving quality of care and expanding health technology systems. Chaired by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, the Council will coordinate with government programs of rural communities across the country. Statement

> Contrary to the intent of pay-for-performance initiatives, bonuses do not eliminate racial or ethnic disparities in Massachusetts Medicaid patients, according to a new study published in Health Affairs. The study raises questions as to whether similar pay-for-performance incentives elsewhere address disparities in hospital care. Study

> Looking for a new marketing strategy? Similar to the plethora of national and local group coupon websites, a new online discount site, Health Deals, yesterday launched to allow consumers to buy health and wellness products and services at lower prices, including gym memberships, spas deals, and beauty discounts. Press release

And Finally... Pucker up! Sucking up to the boss keeps you healthy. Article