Big Mac burger is healthier than 75% of U.K. hospital meals; Mayo Clinic to build freestanding primary care center;

> Healthcare marketers should target insured young Hispanic women, a growing demographic who acts as healthcare gatekeepers, according to a new national survey commissioned by Cultúr Health, noted The Holmes Report. Article

> A U.K. study has found that a Big Mac burger is healthier than 75 percent of hospital meals, reported The Jakarta Post. Sixty percent of hospital food had more salt than the popular McDonald's burger, while 75 percent contained more saturated fat. Article

>The Mayo Clinic Florida is building a freestanding primary care center, reported the Jacksonville Business Journal. The site plans were approved May 11. Article

> Seventy percent of Americans oppose health payers' efforts to deny payment for emergency room visits when patients believe they are having medical emergencies, but after later diagnosed with non-urgent conditions, according to a new poll conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Statement

And Finally… Organic foods turn people into jerks. Article