Beyond Lucid Technologies deploys MEDIVIEW™ in California's Central Valley

Largest EMS Agency in California Gains New Level of Emergency Preparedness

CONCORD, Calif., Aug. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- To better prepare for natural disasters and mass casualty emergencies, the Modesto-area city of Hughson, California last week became the latest community to benefit from MEDIVIEW™, a Fire/EMS patient care tool that shares data collected in the field seamlessly with hospitals and other healthcare facilities, reducing medical errors and improving quality. The software is being rolled out by ProTransport-1, the emergency services provider for this rural city and the largest EMS agency headquartered in California.

Network-dependent Fire/EMS data systems present a serious vulnerability to any community's emergency response infrastructure.  Specifically, in the case of a major disaster, EMS agencies that use web-based patient care record systems often find themselves "flying blind" without intelligent routing capabilities or the ability to accurately and adequately document patient transports.  MEDIVIEW™ was designed to address these deficiencies. 

MEDIVIEW™ is manufactured by Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc. (BLT), winner of multiple healthcare technology awards including Venture Beat's 2013 HealthBeat Grand Rounds Innovation Showdown.  Last week's rollout in Hughson coincided with a second, "double-down" seed investment by Dalmore Investments, LLC.

"We're excited about the partnership between ProTransport-1 and Beyond Lucid Technologies," said Glenn Leland, the ambulance company's Chief Strategy Officer.  "Our organization has always been at the forefront of leading edge healthcare technology and this product is another step in the right direction for us to accomplish our efficiency, quality and patient care goals while simultaneously achieving our eco-conscious and tech-enabled objectives." 

MEDIVIEW™ is not dependent on a network connection, making it fully functional in a wide range of situations, including both natural and man-made disasters.  MEDIVIEW™ is the first Fire/EMS software that gives medics in the field a combination of online-offline GPS, telemedicine, and the ability to hand off critical patient and incident information to a care facility within 30 seconds.

"EMS has valuable data that will improve population health, response, and planning, but much of it is lost and often delayed by the traditional paper record," said Lisa Suennen, a BLT Director and one of the highest-reputed health IT investors in the Bay Area. "BLT has integrated innovative solutions from other industries to create a coordinated emergency response system that is not bound by the traditional network. We're excited to see the positive change in not only the way Emergency Responders record imperative data, but also how this new technology improves the quality and efficiency of care."

Co-Founder and CEO Jonathon Feit is available for interviews.

About Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.

Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc., based in Concord, CA, is an award-winning IT firm whose mission-critical MEDIVIEW™ platform is packed with innovative features designed to make emergency response safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective…even during a disaster.  BLT won an NIH "Therapeutic Discovery" award in 2010, is a partner of Microsoft and Dell, a member of Rock Health and Startup Health, and a Carnegie Mellon University portfolio company.  Online at

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