Says It’s Time for Health Care Reform – Health Insurance Coverage Should Be Available for Everyone

The disparities in health care in the United States are shocking. In a nation where more money is spent on medical insurance and health care than anywhere in the world, citizens have very different experiences with the system, often depending on the demographic group they belong to. Those with little access to care and highest incidences of disease include the poor, ethnic minorities and racial minorities.

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Despite the fact that the U.S. spent $2.2 trillion in healthcare in 2007, disparity grows. The current economic crisis is causing it to worsen as more people become unemployed and fall into the ranks of the low-income group. Health care reform is needed greatly in order to render the costs more affordable; increase accessibility; improve the choice of health insurance providers and insurers and to promote preventative care.

Prevalence of Disease

The statistics are shocking when it comes to disease and minorities. Consider the following.

  • 48% of African Americans have a chronic disease while only 39% of the population at large does.
  • 70% of adult African Americans fall into the obese or overweight category, putting them at risk for chronic illness. African Americans have 15% more of a chance of being obese than Whites.
  • African Americans have the highest risk of getting cancer and dying from it.
  • African American men have a 50% higher chance of getting prostate cancer than White men.
  • Cervical cancer rates are twice as high among Hispanic and Vietnamese women as White women.
  • Type II Diabetes affects 18% of American Indians, 15% of African Americans, 14% of Hispanics and 8% of Whites.

These disparities show an overwhelming need for health care reform in the American health system. This should not be the norm for the U.S. All residents should enjoy equal access to good quality health care.

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