BerylHealth Launches New Website and Enhanced Products to Support its Commitment to Improve the Patient Experience

DALLAS, May 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- For over 25 years, BerylHealth has been dedicated to improving the patient experience by equipping hospitals and health systems with innovative technology and services that uniquely connect them to their patients. Today BerylHealth announced the release of its new website,, to support and further enhance its patient experience initiatives. In January, BerylHealth was announced as the new company name for Beryl, a technology-enhanced patient experience services company dedicated to improving relationships between healthcare providers and consumers through multiple positive touch points across the care continuum.


The company has also expanded its product offerings and introduced technological upgrades to address the challenges hospitals face in the new era of healthcare reform. The new product offerings have been released on the new website and are packaged under BerylHealth's CareLoop™ solutions to provide a targeted, comprehensive solution for hospitals and health systems looking to extend their patient communication efforts and increase overall patient satisfaction.

"As a result of our recent name change to BerylHealth, our website and solutions needed a closer look to emulate our primary focus of improving the patient experience and offering a stream-lined approach for our clients," said Steve Whitehurst, the chief customer officer for BerylHealth. "Our clients can still count on us to deliver exceptional service for their patients paired with advanced reporting and data analytics that drive strong return on investment and enhanced revenue for the hospital or health system. BerylHealth offers the same products and services that have made us known as the industry leader in improving the patient experience, and together under the CareLoop platform, provide an end-to-end solution for increasing employee and patient satisfaction while driving smarter business decisions with proven analytics and reporting." 

Unique to the industry, the CareLoop solutions target patients through online and other web-based solutions that drive patient acquisition, contact patients that have been admitted and discharged from the emergency department, hospital, or other care facility, and provide clients with the patient demographics, campaign results, and other reporting tools that measure return on investment.

With cloud-based technology, BerylHealth offers comprehensive analytical reporting that provides real-time patient feedback to hospitals that can take immediate action on care improvement processes and improve business efficiencies. Coupled with an escalation process, hospitals are able to respond to patient questions and needs after discharge, which has proven to be an evidence-based best practice in improving the patient experience.

The CareLoop products can be found on the new BerylHealth website and include:

CareConnect™- BerylHealth wants to ensure the hospital's patient acquisition strategies are successfully executed, whether by phone, web, social media, or mobile device.  By providing a variety of services to meet the communication preferences of patients today, BerylHealth guides patients as they connect to the care they need.

CareAdvise™- A consulting and assessment service offered to assist clients on executing measureable return and improvement on the patient experience. As our client needs evolve, we must assess the patient experience from start to finish to identify and customize the best possible service solutions.

CareTransitions™- By providing post-discharge calls to patients, hospitals receive real-time feedback and data from patient calls that help drive post-discharge decisions and improvements. Calls made within 24-48 hours after discharge provide valuable insight from the patient's perspective, which enables hospitals to efficiently execute measurable solutions that increase patient compliance, reduce readmission rates and improve HCAHPS scores.

CareMetrix™- Through BerylHealth's Patient Experience Database, hospitals and providers have access to reporting to analyze data and better understand a patient population, develop strategic communication plans, measure the return on investment, and enable the hospital or system to commit resources to addressing specific issues.

BerylHealth clients and their patients benefit from the personalized service, seamless, compassionate patient interaction and essential CareLoop products that are ideal for hospitals and health systems preparing for population health management and accountable care.

For more information about BerylHealth visit its new website URL

BerylHealth is a technology-enhanced patient experience services company dedicated to improving relationships between healthcare providers and the communities they serve. BerylHealth helps hospitals become the "top of mind" provider by building lasting consumer relationships. By providing a compassionate, personal touch, robust data, and customizable solutions, BerylHealth extends the brand of the local provider through every patient contact, and provides hospitals with business insights that allow them to enhance their reputation and achieve their strategic goals.

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