Berkshire Health System Reports 70% Employee Prescription Capture Assisted by Asteres ScriptCenter

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, the industry’s leading provider of automated kiosks for 24/7 prescription pick up and consumer product sales in retail, hospital, and DOD/VA pharmacies, announced today the results of ’ (BHS) successful employee pharmacy using .

(BHS) is a self-insured, not-for-profit organization and the largest employer in Berkshire County, MA. “In 2010, we opened our employee pharmacy as part of our comprehensive ‘Wellness at Work’ plan to offer better health services to our 3,500 employees and at the same time save money,” said Darlene Rodowicz, Chief Financial Officer. “We soon realized we needed a convenient yet cost effective way to capture 2nd and 3rd shift employees and ScriptCenter has exceeded our expectations in doing so."

BHS Achievements with

1. Significant increase in employee/family prescriptions on 2nd & 3rd shifts

2. Increased revenues and reduced pharmacy benefit (PBM) costs

3. 24/7 pharmacy services without extending hours or adding staff

Today, Berkshire Health Systems fills 70% of the prescriptions for employees and their dependents. This has resulted in significant savings to the hospital, additional revenues collected from co-pays, and increased employee satisfaction. With this savings, Berkshire has been able to redeploy the savings from the 340b program to the creation of a new program to provide diabetes medications and testing scripts to low income patients in the community as well as provide low-dose CT lung cancer screening to the community, a service that has proven to identify lung cancer at early stages but is currently non-reimbursable by the insurers. It was truly a win-win for the hospital, the employees and the community.

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