BCBS Association's president talks about upcoming goals

So, what does the future hold for Blue Cross Blue Shield? In an interview Saturday with the New York Times, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association president and chief executive Scott Serota said he's looking to modify the healthcare delivery system, as well as cut the number of prediabetic Americans in half. Serota also says he wants to reduce wasteful spending--for example, duplicate M.R.I.s or other unnecessary treatments--by 30 percent, or $700 billion out of $2.4 trillion.

Serota also heavily endorsed the idea of sticking with employer-based healthcare systems--all but denouncing Republican presidential nominee John McCain's proposed healthcare policy. "It is essential that we continue to support the employer-based system because 162 million Americans today get their coverage through their employer," he said. "We should not disrupt this important piece. Employers provide significant financing and they keep us on our toes."

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