Baylor plans to build teaching hospital

Houston, TX-based Baylor College of Medicine has decided to build its own private teaching hospital, a significant change in direction after partnering with other independent hospitals for more than 50 years. Baylor has partnered with St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital since April 2004. Previously, it had partnered with The Methodist Hospital for 50 years. Now, Baylor officials have earmarked $10 million in initial spending for a new, integrated Baylor Clinic and Hospital that will serve as the college's teaching hospital. While interns will continue to rotate through St. Luke's and the two institutions will share programs, Baylor's relationship with St. Luke's will change in as-yet undetermined ways. The move marks another step in the growing distance between Baylor and St. Luke's. Back in June 2005, the two had planned to merge but called off the deal after a few months of negotiations.

For details on Baylor's plans:
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