Baucus reform bill gets PhRMA backing; Accrediting body helps providers qualify for health IT funding;

> The health plan backed by Sen. Max Baucus should soon get a boost from a powerful ally--PhRMA, the trade group for the pharmaceutical industry. FiercePharma

> Since CMS announced rules on how providers would qualify for EMR subsidies, everyone's been struggling to figure out how to do that. Now, however, the same body that accredits EMRs for federal funding is launching new certification programs aimed at helping providers earn federal health IT subsidies starting in 2011. FierceEMR

> For a while new, rules barring providers from e-prescribing controlled substances have held up the progress of this approach. Now, a Massachusetts provider has become the first to legally e-prescribe a controlled substance, working under waiver for the DEA used for a pilot program. FierceHealthIT

> The "public option" government insurance plan seems to be losing support rapidly in various quarters, including moderates in both parties, Hill watchers say. Article

And Finally... I know newborns look a lot alike to outsiders--but to a child's own mother? Article