BarrierSafe Solutions International to Field Industry Offers for Its Innovative, Patented Antimicrobial Technologies

RENO, Nev., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- BarrierSafe Solutions International Inc. (BSSI) will begin to evaluate offers to purchase or license the rights to MicroGarde(TM) and MicroLite(TM), technologies developed by its wholly owned subsidiary MicroActive, LLC. These patented technologies offer improved infection control for wound care and opportunities for improved food packaging safety.

"We believe this is a technology that holds multi-billion dollar opportunities in healthcare, food packaging and consumer goods applications. At this time, we have made the decision to explore the opportunity of an outright sale of MicroActive and the rights to the intellectual property, as our future investments will focus on business opportunities that are core to the barrier product mission of BSSI," states Mike Mattos, CEO of BSSI. "We are actively negotiating opportunities with interested parties. A definitive agreement involving the unit and its technology is likely to take place Q3 2008 based on the interest shown."

MicroGarde(TM) and MicroLite(TM) technology allows products such as wound dressings or food packaging films to generate a controlled quantity of chlorine dioxide gas, which has unique antimicrobial and deodorizing characteristics. This technology is covered by 19 patents, and is more effective and less expensive to deploy and manufacture than competing technologies. The technology has been perfected and a significant number of potential healthcare, food packaging and consumer product applications have been identified creating sizable market opportunities.

Derek Warneke, General Manager of MicroActive also sees the immediate impact that MicroGarde(TM) and MicroLite(TM) will have on the market. "These technologies are not far from market ready and a number of applications are poised for immediate sales and revenue, provided they are in the hands of the right business," he said.

About MicroActive LLC

MicroActive is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSSI committed to developing and marketing innovative antimicrobial technologies, products and solutions for healthcare, food, agricultural, medical, consumer, and industrial products & markets. MicroActive is headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

About BarrierSafe Solutions International

BarrierSafe Solutions International, headquartered in Reno, Nevada, is a leading developer and marketer of branded disposable hand protection and related products. The company offers an extensive selection of high-quality disposable gloves and other specialized products for a diverse range of growing niche markets, including the foodservice, dental, laboratory, emergency medical services, non-acute healthcare, automotive and general industrial segments, in which branding, quality, innovation, and features are key differentiators that drive end-user demand and loyalty. For more information, visit

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