Attainia and Kaufman Hall Collaborate to Help Healthcare Providers Gain Optimal Value From Capital Equipment Investments

Attainia and Kaufman Hall Collaborate to Help Healthcare Providers Gain Optimal Value From Capital Equipment Investments

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Attainia, the leading cloud-based software applications provider dedicated to improving the management of the capital equipment lifecycle, and Kaufman, Hall & Associates, a leader in capital planning services and software for healthcare organizations, today announced a collaboration focused on helping hospitals and health systems optimize the investments they make in purchasing and renovating capital equipment.

With healthcare payment systems evolving and reimbursement expected to decline for many providers, hospitals and health systems are under increased pressure to allocate capital to the right new initiatives as well as to ongoing facility and equipment needs. Executives must develop and implement a system that enables high-quality decision making driven by facts, analysis, and metrics.

“Healthcare is a complex industry with isolated silos of need and responsibility,” said Mark Webb, Senior Vice President at University Health System in San Antonio, TX. “These silos, which evolved to support the unique and sophisticated functions needed for healthcare, have grown progressively further apart, resulting in disconnected data streams and decision making. Healthcare critically needs a transparent information pool. By connecting their two best-in-class systems, Attainia and Kaufman Hall are meeting a timely and important need that will help save critically needed healthcare dollars.”

Designed to support all aspects of a corporate finance-based capital allocation process, Kaufman Hall’s Capital Advisor® software helps hospitals and health systems quickly establish a solid foundation on which to base key project investment decisions. Standardized ROI evaluation enables objective comparisons of potential capital investments before allocation decisions are made to ensure the optimal course of action.

With more than 2,000 active projects totaling more than $30 billion being planned using its applications, Attainia is healthcare’s most widely used equipment planning, budgeting, and tracking software. Attainia PLAN enables organizations to create and edit preliminary, working, and final healthcare capital equipment lists for new construction, expansion, or renovation projects. Attainia PLAN, in conjunction with Attainia BUDGET, PREDICT, TRACK, and WATCH, solves the entire capital equipment supply chain for health systems, IDNs, and hospitals.

Through the new partnership, Capital Advisor users will now have the ability to receive real-time and detailed costs on capital equipment from Attainia, enhancing their productivity and ensuring their investment decisions are based on the latest information available.

“The health systems that have both Attainia and Kaufman Hall software will set the standard for the future of financial informatics on healthcare capital equipment,” said James Bodan, Executive Vice President of Kaufman Hall’s Software Division. “Attainia is a leader in healthcare capital equipment supply chain solutions, and we are pleased to offer Attainia integration to our software clients.”

“Kaufman Hall has literally written the book on capital allocation in healthcare, and the tools and services they provide to health systems are industry standards,” said Dr. Anil Singhal, Group Vice President of Supply Chain Services at Attainia. “We are very excited to partner with such a well-respected firm, and to add our planning data to their solution set.”

Attainia provides innovative solutions to manage the complex capital equipment lifecycle. Attainia’s members include some of the largest healthcare architectural and planning firms, healthcare integrated delivery networks, and individual hospitals. Subscribers engage in all phases of cloud-based project planning and budgeting while accessing Attainiaʼs comprehensive catalog of manufacturers, products and solutions at .

Since 1985, Kaufman Hall has been a leading advisor to hospitals and health systems, helping them incorporate proven methods into their strategic and financial management processes and consistently achieve their goals. Kaufman Hall continues to be exclusively focused on helping healthcare organizations succeed in a rapidly changing industry. The firm contributes to clients’ success by providing the industry’s most advanced offering of integrated management solutions, which includes consulting services and software tools designed to facilitate and sustain organizational improvement. To learn more, please visit .