Attacks on nonprofits' tax exemptions 'short-sighted'; Hospital's refusal to treat dying boy in India leads to mob attacks;

> Recent attempts by state and local governments to reduce tax exemptions for nonprofit hospitals--or in some cases even to take away their nonprofit status--are "short-sighted" and hurting those hospitals' ability to provide care that cities and states rely upon, says Greg Pope, vice president of philanthropy for Saint Thomas Health Services Foundation in Nashville, Tenn., and chair of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) in Washington, D.C. FierceHealthFinance

> After a dying boy who had been involved in a car accident was turned away from Peerless Hospital in Kolkata, India, due to lack of funds, mobs descended upon both Peerless and another facility in the city, attacking doctors, destroying medicine and equipment and vandalizing the buildings, according to an article in the Times of India. Article

> A Suffolk Superior Court judge did not grant six Massachusetts health insurers a preliminary injunction that would have allowed them to institute 235 proposed rate increases that had been rejected by the state's insurance commissioner. FierceHealthPayer

And Finally... At least he was only driving a lawn mower. Article