Asolva Introduces Drug Waste Tracker; Software Manages Prepared vs. Consumed Prescriptions Across Multiple Locations

LOS ANGELES, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Asolva (, a leading provider of healthcare data analytics and reporting systems, today launched its new Drug Waste Tracker for hospital pharmacies. The new software tool enables pharmacists to instantly track the amount and cost of oncology drugs that are prepared versus the actual amount consumed. These reports can improve inventory control and patient safety by increasing efficient preparation of drugs and accurate tracking of their administration.


For example, with Drug Waste Tracker pharmacists can quickly create a per pathology/per drug distribution report. This allows more efficient distribution of drugs between patients on the same or the following day, while maintaining both chemical and microbiological stability.

In 2008, total U.S. sales of oncology drugs topped $19 billion. Many leading oncology drugs cost more than $20,000 for a standard 12-week course of treatment and several cost $90,000 per treatment.

"Reducing waste in oncology drug administration offers a major cost savings opportunity for hospitals. While the Drug Waste Tracker was originally created to manage oncology drugs, it can be applied to any class of pharmaceuticals including pain medication or antibiotics. The software provides a wide variety of up-to-the minute reports on inventory and drug expense. Before, pharmacists had to prepare these reports manually, which required toggling through hundreds of patient records," said Markus Tjahjadi, Director of Engineering of Asolva.

Regular inventory reports enable shorter, more frequent production cycles of IV admixtures allowing for a "make it, use it" lean inventory system. In contrast, pharmacists working without such reports often must make larger batches to cover longer time periods. These batches take up storage space and, if not used, may become waste.

Drug Waste Tracker interfaces with all major EMR and clinical laboratory systems and can be easily customized to provide specific types of reports.

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