Introduces - Innovative Print and Digital Advertising Solutions for Healthcare Industry for 2012 - 2013

HYDERABAD, India, October 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management which reaches out to the top spending private and public hospitals and medical laboratories in addition to the national and regional health authorities and health ministries throughout Asia with its print publications now has come up with new digital advertising solutions expanding its presence across the globe.

With 95% of the world's leading Healthcare products companies like Microsoft, Siemens, as well as industry suppliers, buyers are associated with Asian Hospitals and Healthcare Management. The key decision makers of these comapnies use our portal to make better decisions that enable their organizations to grow. From the suppliers to different buyers no other information provider in the industry reaches this broad spectrum of product & services - or has the global reach that Asian Hospitals and Healthcare Management does.  

"We believe to create a strong digital engagement strategy. We provide with a platform to our clients such that, we use it to continually to fuel the creation and expansion of important ideas in the Healthcare industry, and our other business units. We use a variety of proven models to transform ideas into opportunities," says Md.Azeemuddin, Director, Web, Asian Hospitals and Healthcare Management.

Digital marketing runs faster than any other market in any industry. That makes looking into the future a kind of mission impossible activity. We are social. We are local. And we are digital is the mantra of Marketing.

Asian Hospitals and Healthcare Management has come up with innovative print and digital solutions, which offers the most comprehensive network of business-to-business sites available online. With the ever changing landscape of digital marketing, in particular the current evolution of Search Engine Marketing and impact of content marketing are the focal points of advertising today.

Digital Solutions like Ad Campaign, Customer & User Experience, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Rich Media & Video, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics & Search Engine Optimisation are tools to Innovative Print and Digital Advertising in Healthcare Industry.

Embrace the present and prepare for the future with innovative Digital Advertising strategies is the key to all marketing activities. With astonishing networking opportunities and an outstanding digital engagement strategy Asian Healthcare and Hospital Management brings  to you A new Digital Adverstising Strategy through its service offerings, will help you Optimize and measure your marketing and advertising ROI. Will answer out on how an innovative CRM segmentation process can generate better efficiency for your digital marketing strategy.


'Asian Hospitals and Healthcare Management' reaches directly to key industry professionals & the decision makers in the Healthcare industry at par with our websites The magazine published biannually, addresses the most significant developments, trends and features opinions and analyses by respected leaders from the Hospitals & Healthcare industry.A high quality, response driven magazine, supported by a monthly e-Newsletter, Asian Hospitals and Health Care Management is the right vehicle to create a good impact on your target market - our audience.

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