ASC fined $2.25M for waiving fees for state employees

An Albany, NY ambulatory surgery center has been fined $2.25 million in reimbursement and fines by the state for allegedly waiving out-of-pocket costs when it treated government workers. As part of the settlement, the Capital Region Ambulatory Surgery Center will become a provider with the state's Empire Plan.

The ASC's alleged misdeeds were made public in December 2007, when the state published an audit reviewing six years at the center. The audit concluded that the ASC often waived out-of-pocket fees for state and local government employees who belonged to the Empire Plan as a means of attracting them to the center. 

As a result, the ASC pocketed an extra $2.4 million in medical reimbursements, collecting out-of-network fees for each of the employees it enticed to get treated there. And it's not alone, the state says. The audit found that all told, the state's ASC's allegedly collected $13.9 million in improper fees.

To learn more about the state's action:
- read this piece from The Business Review of Albany

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