Archimedes’ Individualized Guidelines and Outcomes (IndiGO) Deployed at Tulsa Health System

– Clinical application of Archimedes’ physician and patient decision support tool grows –

SAN FRANCISCO & TULSA, Okla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Archimedes Inc., a healthcare modeling company, and MyHealth Access Network, a Beacon Community in Oklahoma, today announced the planned deployment of Archimedes’ Individualized Guidelines and Outcomes (IndiGO) platform, a physician and patient decision support tool. IndiGO could ultimately be used by doctors to work with their patients to inform the health decisions of as many as 810,000 Oklahomans. The MyHealth Access Network deployment marks the third deployment of the tool in the past three months.

“IndiGO is truly the next generation of population health management using patient-specific and population-based factors,” said Peter Alperin, M.D., Archimedes’ vice president of medicine. “As we continue to communicate with physicians across the country, the feedback we are receiving is that IndiGO has the potential to be a transformative tool in caring for and engaging patients. The Archimedes team is excited to work with MyHealth Access Network in implementing the IndiGO platform within their healthcare community.”

MyHealth Access Network, a Beacon Community, will deploy IndiGO across its region to enable physicians to provide their patients with timely, personalized information about their own risks of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. In addition, IndiGO will provide information about the relative importance of various activities to reducing risk, such as quitting smoking or losing weight. IndiGO is an interactive tool that physicians and patients can use together to learn about health risks and establish a plan tailored to each patient’s health conditions and goals. Patients will be able to leave their doctor’s office with a printed plan of action that they can follow every day. The end result is that doctors and patients will be working together to achieve the three part aim of improved health, improved care, and reduced costs.

“The IndiGO tool will enable our healthcare professionals to sift through the enormous volume of healthcare data on each patient to focus on what is most important,” said David Kendrick, M.D., M.P.H., principle investigator and CEO of MyHealth Access Network. “It also provides doctors with an interactive tool for educating patients about their risks and engaging them in addressing those risks. Perhaps most exciting is that doctors will now be able to identify their patients with the highest risks and alert them proactively, rather than waiting for those patients to seek care–often after a stroke or heart attack has already occurred. Individualized guidelines used proactively are the future of medicine, and we are pleased to be bringing this innovation to our doctors and patients.”

For nearly 30 years, physicians have used population-based health care guidelines that typically focus on one risk factor or condition and use finite parameters, such as the defined normal range for blood glucose levels and blood pressure, to determine whether or not a patient should receive treatment. These guidelines also help assess a patient’s risk for developing diabetes and having a heart attack or stroke. Because population-based guidelines use finite parameters, there are limitations when it comes to the continuous and changing nature associated with these risk factors. These limitations can be addressed by creating individualized guidelines, via Archimedes’ IndiGO platform, that take into account all the relevant information about a person, making it possible to increase quality and reduce costs.

About IndiGO

Archimedes IndiGO is a unique decision support tool designed for use by physicians and other healthcare providers (nurses, care managers, health coaches) and patients. IndiGO analyzes person-specific health information from a patient’s electronic health record, then applies advanced algorithms to incorporate clinical evidence related to diseases, behaviors, and interventions. The results generated by IndiGO provide a graphical representation of an individual’s risk of conditions or diseases, and the predicted impact of interventions that are most effective at reducing these risks. IndiGO can be used at the point-of-patient care, involving the patient in the decision making process and improving collaboration between patient and provider. IndiGO is designed for use within ACOs, medical groups, integrated delivery networks (IDN), independent practice associations (IPA), and patient-centered medical homes (PCMH).

About Archimedes

Archimedes Inc. is a healthcare modeling organization. Its core technology - the Archimedes Model - is a clinically realistic, mathematical model of human physiology, diseases, interventions and healthcare systems. The Model is continually validated by comparing the results of simulated trials to the results of real multi-national clinical trials and cohort studies.

Through innovations such as IndiGO and ARCHeS, Archimedes helps people understand the implications of their decisions and for the last 15 years has been relied upon to answer complex, real world questions for health plans, health systems, medical groups, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and other organizations in the United States and Europe. Archimedes, a Kaiser Permanente Innovation, is based in San Francisco, California. For more information on the company, visit our website at

About MyHealth Access Network

MyHealth Access Network is a consortium of more than 150 organizations that have come together with the singular purpose of improving the health and quality of life for all Oklahomans by providing doctors and patients with innovative tools for sharing health information and ensuring that every patient gets the right care at the right time. Our community’s focus on creating better health outcomes for the Oklahoma population gives us an advantage over the current care models and technology adoption in use today. MyHealth Access Network is a non-profit seeking to improve health care quality and the health of area residents while controlling costs. MyHealth Access Network is one of 17 communities nationally to receive a prestigious Beacon Community Award from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. MyHealth seeks to encourage greater communication and coordination among care providers through expanded use of health information technology and health information exchange. MyHealth’s partners include: patients, doctors, hospitals; first responders; employers; public leaders; health insurance companies; university medical systems, tribal health systems; safety-net/essential care clinics; laboratories; public health organizations; pharmacies; long term care providers, etc. MyHealth Access Network links providers and their patients in a community-wide health information network that is helping to improve the health of patients, reduce inefficiency and waste, and coordinate care more effectively to meet and exceed the requirements of a rapidly changing health care environment.

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