Apello Physicians Network Improves Doctor Communications, Patient Care

DETROIT, Jan. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --  Apello Technologies, a doctor-created technology company focused on developing tools to help physicians collaborate, recently launched its Apello Physicians Network.  The Apello Physicians Network, available as an App through the iTunes Store or through the company's website as a desktop tool, improves patient care by helping doctors share information in an instant, reducing pages, phone calls, dictation and other messages.

Data transfer - getting information on a patient's status, condition, etc., from one doctor to another -- has been identified by the World Health Organization as one of its most important patient safety initiatives, explained Apello co-founder Braswell Deen III, M.D.  "The Apello Physicians Network aims to change the current model of doctor-to-doctor communication, ultimately creating a seamless experience for sharing patient information.  The more doctors can communicate about a patient, the better care that patient will receive; providing the best patient care possible is a goal all physicians share."

Offering portable communications between doctors using text messaging, voice memos, fax, and creating custom, patient-centered information networks, the Apello Physicians Network helps doctors across specialties share notes and updates about specific patients.  The secure, HIPAA compliant tool improves both inpatient and outpatient care by delivering a time and cost-effective way for doctors to easily update one another.

Using the optional ApelloPort, doctors can securely store message logs for future retrieval, allow office staff access points to patient data, and thus create a unique, practice enhancing communications solution.

In addition to enabling simplified communications between physicians, the Apello Physicians Network offers sophisticated patient tracking capabilities. Doctors can use their Apple mobile device to access and update various patient information, including medical/surgical history, medicines, family history, lab results, nursing results, procedures, radiology results, and social history.

About Apello Technologies

Apello Technologies was founded by Braswell Deen III, M.D., to fill a need that doctors have long recognized: An evolution from pad and paper to mobile electronics. Apello's mission is to improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical communications between physicians, residents and hospitals.  The company's secure, collaborative networks are simple to use and HIPAA compliant.  For more information, visit www.helloapello.com.

Media Contact: Jennifer Cornell, 734-765-0174, [email protected]