APA studying drug industry income

Concerned about the potential for undue drug industry influence, the American Psychiatric Association has appointed a work group to identify what drug industry money it's taken in, how the income is used and whether it should give up that money. The group's formation follows intense scrutiny of drug industry gifts and consulting arrangement with physicians of all types.

Like other professional groups, the APA receives a fair amount of industry dollars. Pharma revenue accounted for 28 percent, or $14 million, of the APA's 2007 budget, including journal advertising and grants for continuing medical education and fellowships. Among the income types receiving the toughest criticism are drug-industry-supported symposia. While the APA has said that it has set up "firewalls" to prevent industry bias from diluting the content, critics say such safeguards have failed, given how easy it is to know what company is funding an event and what their views are.

To learn more about this funding examination:
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