Ankle-replacement surgeries grow more common; How mobile health IT can help Haiti;

> Knee- and hip-replacement surgeries are well-established procedures these days, but what about ankles? Increasingly, replacement surgery is becoming an option for patients with arthritic or injured ankles. Article

> How can the use of mobile health IT dramatically help physicians bring aid to the suffering citizens of Haiti? FierceHealthIT editor Neil Versel explains. FierceHealthIT

> If you're not a health IT geek, this may not sound like big news, but actually, it is. Health IT maker Epic Systems has definitely made waves with the launch of an iPhone app designed to offer secure mobile access to EMRs. FierceMobileHealthcare

> In theory, group purchasing is no more than a helpful tool for healthcare organizations, as it can theoretically help them achieve much bigger supply savings than they could on their own. Of late, though, lawmakers have become suspicious that group purchasing restricts provider purchasing choice, according to Hospital Impact contributor John Cunningham. Blog

And Finally... A salute to one of America's great horror writers ends, appropriately enough, in mystery. Article