Amplicare Delivers Operational Reporting Solutions for American Hospice

Customized Reporting Solutions for Operations Reduce Waste, Increase Profitability

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Amplicare, a market leader in web-based Hospice, Home Health and Skilled Nursing marketing and operations applications provides American Hospice with integrated reporting solutions for operations.

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Amplicare's Net-Trac system is designed to fully integrate with EHR / EMR and financial systems. By merging multiple sources of data into a single repository with robust reporting functionality, advanced reporting and analysis are made simple.

Rich Fogle, CFO of American Hospice explains, "We needed to understand better what was driving our labor expenses, and we didn't have an efficient tool in place to help us manage our headcount or staffing in a timely manner. With Amplicare, we were able to develop a real time FTE variance report that is integrated with our payroll system.  The FTE variance report has allowed us to manage our FTEs and labor costs resulting in real bottom line cost savings."

"When we started," Fogle continued, "we saw variances of 10-15 percent from budget. But now that HR managers can just run the reports in Net-Trac and manage the variances locally, we see much lower, more typical numbers."

"The KPI Report [Key Performance Indicators] is another report Amplicare built for us." Fogle continued, "The KPI report takes key information from our financial statements and presents it in such a way that our business managers can easily understand it and focus on key areas such as admissions, labor costs, case loads, numbers of visits per day and much more. It makes their management efforts far more effective by providing information that is easy to interpret."

"We were pleased to provide American Hospice with a comprehensive solution to their reporting challenges," said Larry Stein, CEO and President of Amplicare. "It is our mission to provide the technology our clients need to succeed and amplify positive business results. Our operational reporting is one way we accomplish that goal."

Stein continued, "American Hospice is a valued client with a collaborative culture that made creating these reports possible."

About Amplicare

Amplicare, formerly known as Shadow Ventures Software, is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and serves the Hospice, Home Health and Skilled Nursing segments of the healthcare industry. Integrated with each client's electronic medical record system, which some refer to as EMR or EHR, Amplicare's Net-Trac and Mobile Companion solutions maximize referral sources, optimize hospice and home health marketing efforts, and improve clinical and operational efficiency. These solutions are sold, hosted, secured and delivered to customers via the Web or using mobile devices, minimizing any information technology labor and lowering IT costs.

Amplicare's unique combination of marketing and operational management features deliver true hospice and home health marketing solutions rather than the limited capabilities of customer relationship management or CRM systems. Amplicare serves more than 250 hospice, home health and skilled nursing agencies, including some of the largest in the country.

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