Amerigroup's $225M fine may not benefit providers; the IRS has released new instructions for the Form 990 form;

> When Amerigroup scammed the state of Illinois by rejecting Medicaid insureds, providers were among the big losers. But it doesn't seem they'll be getting any of the $225M settlement. FierceHealthFinance

> The IRS has released new instructions for the Form 990 form used by not-for profits to report financial performance and detail charitable activities. FierceHealthFinance

>  Last week the FDA issued a statement essentially saying that it was not responsible for the dearth of new drug approvals in recent years. Why has it moved so slowly? The answer is complicated, says Robert Goldberg. FiercePharma

> A team of scientists at Newcastle University is preparing a small human trial to test a one-shot approach to curing rheumatoid arthritis with a vaccine devised from a patient's white blood cells. FierceVaccines

And Finally... You'll never catch him--he's Bananas the Wonder-Monkey! Article