Americans want more online access to physicians

While Americans continue to be highly concerned about being able to pay their medical bills, they also have a growing expectation that their physicians be available online, reports Healthcare Finance News.

The findings are part of the second annual "Health Care Check-up Survey" by Intuit Health, which focuses on the development of patient portal and communications technology.

According to the survey, 70 percent of patients say they are somewhat or very concerned about paying their healthcare bills--a percentage unchanged from the previous survey. Two-thirds also believe their future healthcare costs would rise; among Baby Boomers, that figure rises to 72 percent.

Meanwhile, 73 percent of respondents said they would use an online communication application to pay medical bills, communicate with their physician or physician's office, make appointments and view lab results. More than 40 percent say they would consider switching physicians in order to obtain such access.

"Patient anxiety is rising," said Steve Malik, president and general manager of Intuit Health. "They want some measure of control, convenience and better communication with their doctor. Doctors who offer secure online solutions can meet this patient demand while increasing office efficiency and enhancing the doctor-patient relationship."

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