American National Medical Management to Attend the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association's (ASCA) 2012 Conference: Introducing R

DALLAS, May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- American National Medical Management LLC (ANMM), the nation's leading and largest "out of network" health insurance billing and reimbursement technology company, will introduce its revolutionary products to the ASCA 2012 conference in Dallas, Texas May 9-12, 2012.

After experiencing substantial success in increasing revenue and reimbursements for a variety of healthcare providers across the United States, as well as successfully increasing net revenue of over $100,000 in a period of forty-five days for a leading California Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), and increasing reimbursement by over $9,000 per patient for an ASC in Georgia; ANMM is showcasing its innovative health insurance claims process to networks of ASC leaders.

Due to private health insurance companies continuously underpaying, delaying, and denying patient claims, ASC's have experienced increasing difficulty in receiving proper health insurance reimbursement, making daily operations a continued struggle. ANMM has developed a series of unique processes which include a set of procedures designed to legally obligate a private health insurance company to adequately reimburse medical providers, or in this case ASC's, what they are rightfully due.

According to a 2010 AMA study, 1 in 5 claims are processed incorrectly by a patient's health insurance company (ref: When given the opportunity to appeal a claim, patients and providers are often faced with complicated and incomplete direction on how to properly submit an appeal and are therefore continuously limited in additional reimbursement. With the confusion that exists around the legal appeal process, health insurance companies often provide a process of imminent failure and exhaustion, resulting in the patient abandoning their efforts entirely. This in turn leaves providers without proper reimbursement for services rendered.

"We keep providers from feeling limited in their scope of practice. We give them the opportunity to provide the care they feel to be in the patient's best interest without having to worry about being adequately reimbursed for that care" said Greg Maldonado, President of ANMM.

ANMM's extensive growth and success will further revolutionize the health insurance claims and reimbursement process while fighting for the rights of providers and privately insured patients across the United States.

American National Medical Management LLC will be in attendance at booth 1116.

SOURCE American National Medical Management LLC