AMA makes progress on IT services platform; IRS will honor medical resident FICA refund claims before April 1, 2005;

> The American Medical Association is busy lining up partners for a new IT marketplace for physicians that will include EMR offerings. It announced a deal with UnitedHealth Group subsidiary Ingenix to offer the Ingenix CareTracker, a web-based EMR system, on the new online platform and a separate deal with Dell to provide consulting and support services to physician. FierceEMR

> Medical residents are excepted from FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) taxes based on the student exception for tax periods ending before April 1, 2005, when new regulations became effective, says the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Based on this March 2 administrative determination, the IRS will spend the next 90 days contacting hospitals, universities and medical residents who filed FICA refund claims for these periods to provide information about how to obtain refunds. FierceHealthFinance 

> In case you missed any of Fierce's HIMSS10 coverage from Atlanta, we have compiled all of our updates from throughout the week in one place. HIMSS10

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