ALSO NOTED: Walk-through "air showers"; VA CIO resigns; and much more...

> Chutes & Ladders: Veterans Affairs CIO Robert McFarland resigned, citing frustrations with the information technology overhaul at the agency. Article

> In Japan, a small company has developed walk-through "air showers" to rid patients of pollen and dust particles clinging to their clothes. This could be useful for other things as well. Article

> A Bay Area TV news health reporter is in a world of trouble after it was learned that most of his reporting and research was done by somebody else. Article

> MicroCHIPS, a privately-held company based in the Boston area, says it is developing a new technology that will allow sensors to be placed in humans to monitor their circulatory system and glucose levels. Article

> Novelist Carl Hiaasen, who works as a columnist for the Miami Herald when he isn't writing bestsellers, takes apart the Florida pathologist working on the Martin Lee Anderson beating case. Article

> Tadiran LifeCare introduced SKeeper, a wireless monitoring system designed for the elderly and chronically ill patients. Release 

> And Finally... A clinical trial in the UK goes terribly wrong and one of the participants tells the story: "First they began tearing their shirts off complaining of fever, then some screamed out that their heads felt like they were going to explode." Article