ALSO NOTED: Tenet warns patients about stolen data; FDA inspects wrong manufacturing plant; and much more...

> Tenet has warned 37,000 patients that an identity thief may have stolen their data from its billing center. FierceHealthIT

> Whoops. Apparently, the FDA never inspected the Chinese plan that made the main ingredient for Baxter's recalled heparin. FiercePharma

> U.S. cancer deaths increased by 5,400 in 2005, overturning a two-year downward trend, according to new stats from the American Cancer Society. Article

> Los Angeles County (CA) had planned to close all but one of its clinics serving the poor, but it has decided to keep them open for the time being. Article

> A 20-year effort to find a microbicide that protects women from HIV ended in another bitter setback for researchers who reported that a late-stage trial of a new gel has failed. Report

> Scientists in the U.K. have identified a molecule that they say plays a critical role in the development of allergies. Report

And Finally... Now, Aussies say it's OK to be a pudgy postman. Article