ALSO NOTED: Study: FDA unable to screen imported drugs; Transplant team dies in crash; and much more...

> The FDA isn't equipped to supervise the importation of prescription drugs from foreign countries, according to a new analysis. Article

> A transplant team headed for Michigan crashed into a lake yesterday, killing everyone on board, destroying the organ and endangering the life of the waiting patient. Article

> The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $105 million to measure the impact of public health programs across the planet. Report

> Arguing that many health policies don't do enough, the American Cancer Society has released its own set of health coverage guidelines. Article

> Will industry IT adoption become the first issue on which health system reformers will find a consensus? Article

> A group of German scientists has provoked a storm of criticism following the publication of their work in which they reengineered bacterium to cause disease in a species that had previously been unaffected by it. Report

> Maybe we can't store people in a computer, but we can do this at least. Report

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