ALSO NOTED: St. Jude denies ICD rumors; Docs resist increase in Medicaid co-pays; and much more...

> Doctors in the UK think equipping ambulances with a special Bluetooth-enabled brain scanner could save patients having strokes. Story

> Online matchmaking services and support groups are credited as one factor responsible for cutting the rate of new HIV infections by more than 50 percent in San Francisco. Story

> Device maker St. Jude is denying rumors that it is about to issue a recall on certain models of implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Story

> In hearings on proposed Medicaid cuts in Washington, doctors argue against the idea of raising co-pays. Story

> Better than expected state revenues will help soften cuts to TennCare, Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen said yesterday. Story

> Arkansas-based nursing home specialist Beverly Healthcare is to be acquired for $1.9 billion by North American Senior Care. Story

> National Public Radio examines the impact of the privatization of Medicaid programs in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. Story (Audio/MP3)

> An online study by a portal popular with young doctors finds most residents find drug reps annoying. Surprise. Story

> Several prominent South African doctors were formally charged with taking part in an illegal kidney donation ring that critics say took advantage of the poor. Story

> profiles Joe Whatley, Jr., the Alabama lawyer leading a physician lawsuit against insurers charging them with systematically underpaying doctors. Story

> Experts in nanomedicine met at Johns Hopkins this week will share research in the field. Story

> The New England Journal of Medicine reviews the Supreme Court's role in medical marijuana's legal limbo. Story

> Officials in the Philippines are saying the country faces a severe nursing shortage; most qualified nurses are leaving to get better paying jobs in other countries. Story

And Finally... Apparently no one can figure out why New Yorkers are dropping like flies from heart disease, given the stress-free relaxed lifestyle they all lead in Manhattan. Story