ALSO NOTED: Senate agrees to expand SCHIP; Minnesota cardiology program takes fly-ins; and much more...

>  Despite facing the threat of a veto from President Bush, the U.S. Senate agreed to add 3 million children from lower-income families to SCHIP. Article

> One Minneapolis cardiology program has begun accepting patients from as far as 210 miles away, who are being airlifted there to take advantage of its specialized care options. Article

> A South Florida children's hospital received $3 million from a real estate development to expand its facilities. Report

> The Joint Commission will soon have a new head, Mark Chassin, replacing long-time president Dennis O'Leary. O'Leary has been the president for more than 20 years. Article

And Finally...  He was alone for six hours, floating overnight on the Dead Sea, but managed to survive.  Article