ALSO NOTED: Osteopath loses license after 'Dateline' sting; Two NC health systems merge; and much more...

> A California osteopath has lost his license to practice in California after 'Dateline' caught him propositioning an underage boy. Release

> Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital isn't happy at all that Dr. V. John Bagnato has sued. Now the hospital is fighting back. Release

> Northeast Medical Center of Concord, N.C. has agreed to merge with larger Carolinas Healthcare System, the Charlotte (N.C.) area's largest hospital group. Article

> Does basing universal health reforms on extending insurance to all make sense? One writer says "absolutely not." Blog

> For the first time in humans a doctor has extracted adult stem cells from fat tissue and injected them directly into the heart as a therapy for angina and heart disease. Report

> Over the past 10 years, a government program aimed at spurring clinical trials into the pediatric applications of existing therapies has helped foster more than 300 new studies leading to 115 new labeling indications. Report

> According to a recent survey, blacks make up 1 percent of the tenured and tenure-track researchers at the country's top 50 academic research centers. Report

And Finally... An anonymous blogger takes apart, point by point, charges that "concierge medicine" is unfair to the have-nots. Blog