ALSO NOTED: New bill has feds cover catastrophic care; Rural Hawaii hospitals get more control; and much more...

> The Senate is considering a new bill which would make the federal government pay much of the cost of care for catastrophic cases. The idea is to keep overall health insurance premiums affordable for businesses. Article

> Hawaii's rural hospitals are getting a much-desired boost to their autonomy. Article

> Miami Beach landmark Mount Sinai Medical Center is shifting its strategy substantially as its base of elderly patients continues to shrink. Article

> A Massachusetts psychiatrist devotes himself to fighting what he sees as the pernicious influence of drug companies on psychiatry. Article

> Health IT is not playing key role in pay-for-performance bonuses. Report

> SAP and Microsoft have struck an agreement to expand their Duet platform to offer two new versions, a move the two companies say should offer new options for health information management. Report

> While healthcare lags behind other industries in rolling out self-service technology, times may be changing. Very gradually, providers and health plans are launching self-service options, particularly kiosks, to streamline access to key information, following the lead of industries like retail and travel which have had them for many years. Report

And Finally... The doctor had seen a lot, but this boy's problem was a bit of a surprise. Article