ALSO NOTED: Nations to spend $2B to fight H5N1; Serious gaps in national disaster medical system; and much more...

> Responding to the recent spread of the H5N1 virus, nations pledged to spend $2 billion yesterday to help boost international defenses. The U.S. said it will spend $334 million. Article

> "Serious gaps" exist in the national disaster medical system, according to a new report by former Bush administration officials. Article

> The Washington Post argues the Bush's new healthcare drive next month is likely to run into serious opposition. Article

> The team of French surgeons who performed the first face transplant admit that their patient battled serious tissue rejection. Article

> Despite the many well-publicized advantages of digitizing patient medical records, most consumers are unhappy about the idea that their personal medical information could get out on the Internet. Surprise. Release

> A new report by the American Health Information Management Association urges long term care facilities to be included in the national health information network. Article

> Chutes & Ladders: President Robert Urciuoli has been shown the door at Rhode Island's Robert Williams Medical Center after his indictment on federal charges last week. Article

> Chutes & Ladders: Joseph A. Diver has been named CIO at Berkshire Health Systems in Massachusetts. Article

And Finally... Medicare appears to be going to a single electronic payment system. Before you choke on your cookies, that's Australia's Medicare. Article