ALSO NOTED: MI man faces Medicaid fraud charges; HI workers test protective gear; and much more...

> Daniel Lohmeier, president of Specialized Pharmacy (a subsidiary of Omnicare) has been indicted on 148 counts of fraud, including fraudulently billing Medicaid and illegally dispensing medications to Medicaid patients. Omnicare's billing practices have been called into question in a number of states, including Michigan, Massachusetts and Ohio. Lohmeier could serve up to four years in prison if he's found guilty. Report

> Kaiser, which recently bought California's Buenaventura Medical Group, is having trouble finding hospitals willing to sign a contract for non-emergency patients. Article

> Chutes & Ladders: Alvin Holley, CFO of Illinois's Cook County Bureau of Health. The bureau's deficit has climbed to $73 million during his tenure. Report

> Jason Shafrin of the Healthcare Economist blogs about the realities of risk selection and HMOs. Blog

And Finally... Hospital workers in Hawaii are testing protective gear--including respiratory devices, radiation monitors and decontamination centers--that would be used in the event of a disaster. Report