ALSO NOTED: Med mal insurer pays dividends; Georgia trauma centers at risk; and much more...

> With claims falling, medical malpractice insurer The Doctors Co. is paying out more than $100 million in dividends to doctors in several states. Article

> It's just another step in the unholy dance that is trauma coverage in the U.S. This time, two of Georgia's trauma hospitals are considering either cutting back spending or dropping their Level I trauma centers entirely. Article

> Ohio's acute care hospitals aren't too happy with the growing influx of specialty facilities, which they say aren't carrying their fair share of uncompensated care--so they're proposing a fairly radical fix. Article

> A group of Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans are pulling together data on 11 million patients into a widely-accessible EMR. Article

> HHS has thrown its weight behind an effort to establish international EMR standards. Article

> Cerner and its partners are debuting a new card which let consumers use their health savings account to pay for care on the spot. Article

> New wireless devices which can be implanted in patients--or even swallowed--are becoming steadily more popular. Article

> E-prescribing continues to gain momentum. A recent example is Columbus, Ohio-based OhioHealth, which is rolling it out to 2,300 physicians. Article

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