ALSO NOTED: MA health plans want bigger subsidy; FL hospitals fear auto injury costs; and much more...

> Health plans running subsidized insurance offerings in Massachusetts are asking state legislators for more than they're willing to pay. The subsidized plans are key to the state's health insurance reform initiative. Article

> Florida hospitals are worried if the personal injury protections in the state's auto insurance law aren't renewed, hospitals will lose money, as people may not have money to pay for post auto-accident care. Article

> Los Angeles County supervisors are backing off threats to close the wobbling Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital. Article

> Residents of tony Bethesda, MD are protesting plans by the Suburban Hospital to move ahead with its planned $135 million expansion. Residents say the expanded hospital could overwhelm their exclusive neighborhood. Article

And Finally...  Hey, it's like any other sport: no pain, no gain. Article