ALSO NOTED: Legislation would allow Americans to purchase insurance across state lines; Oakland hospital auctioned off; and muc

> Following editor Jonathan Cohn's critique of legislation proposed by US Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.), which would allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines, The New Republic hosts the Cato Institute's view. Story

> A Canadian judge has cleared the way for two lawsuits which blame Ontario officials for the deaths of two nurses during the 2003 SARS outbreak. Story

> Officials at Loudoun Hospital in Virginia say about 150 patients should have HIV and hepatitis screens after an internal review found endoscopy equipment was improperly disinfected. Story

> Alcohol-related traffic deaths fell 2 percent nationally last year, but in some states, like Georgia, they are up. Story

> The Federal government is auctioning off the 157-acre campus of the former Oak Hill Naval Hospital in Oakland. Bidding is expected to open at $30 million. Story

> HIT: Technology is changing the way in which insurers and doctors handle prior authorization. Story

> A new study of the placebo effect by researchers at the University of Michigan finds new evidence backing the claims of supporters. Story

And Finally... A constitutional argument has broken out in the UK because Prince Charles has commissioned a report on whether the NHS should use alternative healthcare. Story