ALSO NOTED: Landmark status for county hospital; Survey: CRNAs are happy; and much more...

> The shuttered and crumbling Cook County Hospital in Chicago (known nationally as the face of "ER") meets two criteria to be a national historic landmark, says a city commission. It's been the site of historic events and has a terrific terra cotta Beaux Arts facade. There's been a fight over the building since the new Stroger Hospital opened nearby in 2002, but a landmark designation might save the structure for alternative uses. Story

> As healthcare professionals go, certified registered nurse anesthetists are a happy and well-paid bunch, says this new survey from Survey 

> No matter how you look at it, we all pay: A Dallas suburb contemplates a property tax increase to pay for higher health insurance premiums for city workers. Article

> Though Medicare Part D has been a windfall so far for drug companies and insurers, the good times may not last. Here's an interesting analysis from the San Francisco Chronicle. Article

> Chutes and Ladders: The California Association of Physician Groups has named Wells Shoemaker, M.D., as its first medical director. He will be responsible for helping members improve quality of care. He was previously medical director for Physicians Medical Group of Santa Cruz County. Release

And Finally... Golfers!  Before you get into sand and water traps, you should consider your skin. Sand and water reflect cancer-promoting UV rays, says this article in Cybergolf, which gives several golfer-specific tips on sun protection. Keep it in the short grass, everyone. Article