ALSO NOTED: High salaries for MA healthcare committee; TV drug commercials don't mention risks; and much more...

Some Massachusetts lawmakers are complaining that members of the state's Health Insurance Connector agency--which oversees the state's health insurance law--should not be collecting relatively high salaries averaging $111,000 per year. Article

> The FDA is too slow to approve new drugs and medical devices, according to a survey of orthopedic surgeons released today. Eighty percent would also like to see the painkiller Vioxx available once again. Release

> Here's a non-surprise. Researchers have found that TV pharmaceutical commercials typically evoke emotions rather than drug risks or alternative treatments. Article

> It's a grim thought--one in eight New York City adults has diabetes, and twice as many seem to be developing it, according to the city's recent research on the topic. Article

And Finally... Want to know what health reform should really look like? Insurance execs say they deserve their chance to spell it out. Article