ALSO NOTED: Health plans vow premium, reimbursement crackdown; Diabetes drug spending takes lead position; and much more...

> Hoping to calm nervous investors, health plans are promising Wall Street types that they're going to hike premiums and ratchet down payments to providers. Good luck, guys. FierceHealthFinance

> Here's some interesting news: Diabetes drugs have displaced cholesterol drugs as the leading drivers of prescription drug spending growth. FiercePharma

> In a recent blog entry, the Wall Street Journal's Jacob Goldstein contends that retail clinics are reaching a "Bust" stage, with some clinics closing and other companies scaling back. Blog

> In an effort to make their lives easier--and decisions simpler--New Hampshire's Blue plan is giving its physicians access to its electronic medical record via mobile devices. FierceHealthIT

And Finally...  If a roach breeds in space, does anyone hear it?  Article