ALSO NOTED: Hawaii health plan paid out $113 million in P4P dollars; States with higher rates of uninsured have higher depressi

> Here's another P4P data point. The Hawaii Medical Service Association just said that it has paid out more than $113 million in physician and hospital incentives since 1998. Article

> It appears that in states with higher rates of uninsured citizens, suicide and depression rates are higher. Article

> Hospitals have begun rolling out "eICUs," tech centers designed manage critical patients remotely through one central location. FierceHealthIT

>  While it's not popular in the U.S. yet, some experts expect the use of text messaging for healthcare information and reminders to grow more common here soon. FierceHealthIT

And Finally...  Think Facebook is all about smileys and homework? Think again. These groups are using Facebook to advocate for government-backed health coverage. Article