ALSO NOTED: GA Medicaid plan fined $4M for slow authorizations; MA nursing school closes enrollment; and much more...

> A Georgia-based Medicaid HMO, Peach State Health Plan, was fined almost $4 million for moving too slowly to grant patients prior authorizations for needed care. Article

> Call it bad timing. Despite a growing list of applicants seeking nursing training, Massachusetts Bay Community College has decided to close new enrollment due to allegations of poor leadership and grade tampering within the school. Article

> A new computer surveillance system in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, designed to discover and track signs of a major disease outbreak, now includes data from 50 hospitals, 300 pharmacies, 100 physicians in 30 practices and even school nurses. Article

> A hospital in Santa Clarita, Calif. needs to expand to keep up with regional growth, but is facing pressure from area residents who say the expanded facility could overwhelm their neighborhood. Article

> Despite having won his election in a landslide recently, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) is taking a beating as he works to push a health reform proposal through the state legislature. This suggests getting a similar package through Congress could be even more difficult. Editorial

And Finally...  Can't let go of your fear of heights? Blame your proteins. Article