ALSO NOTED: First-year cancer costs high; Nemours dumps BCBS of Florida; and much more...

> In 2005, cancer patients spent roughly $2.3 billion in traveling to, waiting for and getting care in the first year of diagnosis--a number which only climbs as the disease progresses. Article

> Pediatric physician group Nemours has dumped its contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, leaving thousands of BCBS of Florida enrollees with higher bills for specialized pediatric care. Article

> California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to make health insurance accessibility during his a key initiative during his second term. Article

> A Denver cardiologist has become what may be the first in Colorado to perform an epicardial ventricular tachycardia ablation, otherwise known as burning off scar tissue from the surface of a patient's heart. Despite a history of not doing well with other cardiac interventions, the patient pulled throught and actually walked out of the hospital where the procedure was performed. Article

> Costly anti-nausea drug Zofran should go generic in the U.S. shortly, backed by an India-based drug manufacturer. Article

> According to a new study, about 41 percent of pharma companies pay outsourcers to manage their disease management and patient adherence programs. Researchers said that outsourcing was popular, in part, because doctors are more comfortable with third parties handling medical records than having pharmacos manage those records. Release

And Finally… Sure, death is a central part of living. But why do people like to watch it happen? Opinion