ALSO NOTED: Firefighters support MO stem cell proposal; SAMHSA funds tribal mental health; and much more...

> Two Missouri branches of the International Association of Fire Fighters are supporting a state ballot initiative designed to promote stem cell research and treatments. Report

> The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has awarded $49.3 million to several Native American and Alaskan Native groups to promote culturally-sensitive community drug abuse and mental health services. Release

> Concerned by the ongoing dispute between UnitedHealthcare and the HealthOne hospital system, Denver's Frontier Airlines has decided to drop its UnitedHealthcare contract. Article

> Why is it that some people are still going strong in their later years while others become frail as they age? Researchers think undiagnosed cardiovascular problems are to blame. Article

> We've all heard of it happening--a perfectly healthy athlete collapses while playing a sport and dies a unexpected death. In many cases, the athlete's death is the result of a cardiomyopathy, or a defect in heart muscle. Now a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that almost all of these unexpected deaths could be avoided if athletes are given a standard cardiac screening before participating in a sport. Report

> A Birmingham, AL-based physician has completed the state's first robot-driven mitral valve repair. Article

> WellPoint has announced a partnership with CVS/pharmacy designed to help educate Medicare beneficiaries about Part D drug benefits. Release

And Finally... Can the FDA regulate nanotech effectively? A former FDA official doesn't think so. Article