ALSO NOTED: FDA sending MDs to Gulf Coast; SEIU plans possible Sutter strike; and much more...

> The Food and Drug Administration said it will send hundreds of doctors and regulators to the Gulf Coast to help the relief effort, a move which may strain the agency's resources. Story

> A new CDC report finds that 2.5 million kids in the US are receiving drug-based therapy for ADHD, a development that worries some critics. Story

> A Danish study finds an elevated risk of birth defects among pregnant women who take SSRI antidepressants, a category which includes Prozac and Seroxat. Story

> Chutes & Ladders: Epidemiologist Dr. Michael Klag began his first day as dean of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health today. Story

> The increasingly active SEIU Healthcare workers union is saying today that it wants 8,000 Sutter workers in California to go on strike. Story

> The Michigan Supreme Court gave Henry Ford Health System and St. John Health permission to expand into Detroit's suburbs. Story

> A shock from a police taser caused a case of ventricular fibrillation in a Chicago youth, according to a report by two doctors at Children's Memorial Hospital. Story

> Missouri is offering Express Scripts $3 million worth of incentives to try to convince the PBM to stay in the area. Story

> HIT: The Journal of Medical Internet Research has published a new study which finds that patients using portals to communicate with physicians and other providers are pretty happy. Story

> HIT: Mobile Health Data reports that discounts and subsidies (e.g., lower product price tags) are needed to drive adoption of mobile health applications. Story

> Officials in Albany announced that New York state is setting up its first eating-disorder centers at four regional hospitals, including New-York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. Story

> HIT: Singapore said it is setting up an Internet portal which will allow all hospitals and doctors in the country to share information on patients. Story

And Finally... A deaf woman is suing St. Francis Medical Center in Los Angeles for failing to provide adequate access to a sign language interpreter during child birth. Story