ALSO NOTED: EDs working harder to divert non-urgent patients; Identity thefts hit UC Irvine; and much more...

> Hoping to cut down on costly unneeded care--too much of which goes unpaid--hospitals are working hard of late to move non-emergent patients to outpatient settings. FierceHealthFinance

> A large-scale series of identity thefts at UC Irvine seem to be due to a data breach within health plan UnitedHealthcare. FierceHealthIT

> Safeway has joined rivals like Wal-Mart and Target this week, offering a selection of generic prescription drugs for $4 per script. FiercePharma

> A new brain cancer vaccine seems to double patient survival times for those with glioblastoma multiforme. FierceVaccines

And Finally... Short of sleep? Maybe it's not as bad as you think. Article