ALSO NOTED: ED drugs contributing to HIV/AIDS epidemic; Docs support ad moratorium on new drugs; and much more...

> Drug company representatives and government officials meet in Washington this week to discuss ways in which erectile dysfunction drugs may be contributing to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Story

> A 27-year-old Jakarta woman died this morning, becoming the sixth victim of Indonesia's H5N1 outbreak. 400,000 doses of Tamiflu arrived in the country today. Story

> The Los Angeles Times examines the trend toward sometimes extremely risky fetal surgery. Story

> Emergency room visits in Boston dropped sharply during Red Sox playoff games. Story

> HIT: Hospitals have found a powerful new ally in Wal-Mart, which is arguing that Katrina proved the need for electronic medical records. Story

> Rhode Island's Roger Williams Medical Center finds itself on the heat seat over ties to a state senator accused of financial wrongdoing. Story

> HIT: Epic founder Judith Faulkner talks up the advantages of her company's EMR system. Story

> A majority of physicians support a moratorium on advertising for newly developed drugs, according to New Jersey-based research group HRA. Release

And Finaly... No pizza jokes please. MinuteClinic is launching a trial service in Indianapolis offering basic healthcare services in, you guessed it, 15 minutes or less. Story