ALSO NOTED: Docs protest plan to abandon Charity Hospital; Swiss hospital to allow assisted suicides; and much more...

> Doctors are fighting a plan to abandon historic Charity Hospital in New Orleans and construct a completely new facility, saying the project is a power grab by local officials. Article

> A Swiss hospital announced that it will allow assisted suicides, rekindling intense debate. Article

> Business, technology and government leaders met in East Lansing last week to plan the Michigan Health Information Network. Article

> In response to last week's expose in The Washington Post, Congress says it wants more oversight of single use medical devices. Article

> Meru Networks' WLAN deployment at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, IL. Article

> New Jersey has launched a Web site designed to give consumers better access to health information. Article

> New Hampshire lawmakers continue to consider pulling hospitals' tax exempt status. Article

> It looks like David Brailer's ONCHIT office will get $111.7 million next year., rather more than it's had so far. Article

And Finally... More problems for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey: As regulators close in, the CFO of Newark's University Hospital abruptly resigns. Article