ALSO NOTED: CHW accused of gouging uninsured; Big pharma spending big in Calif.; and much more...

> A class action suit filed in California charges Catholic Healthcare West with price gouging in the rates it charges the uninsured. Article

> Blog Therapy? In case you hadn't noticed, medicine is changing. Article

> In a decision with potentially large implications, FEMA has restricted access to data about Gulf Coast evacuees, citing privacy rules. Article

> Reporting requirements for medical device manufacturers will probably create more problems than they solve, argues free-marketeer Michael Fumento. Article

> ReddiNet has issued version four of its popular emergency communications system for first responders. Release

> LightHouse MD has released a new version of its CareTracker practice management system. Release

> Clarian Health Partners said it has signed with MobileAccess to provide wireless networking services. Release

And Finally... As anyone who watches TV in California knows, big pharma has spent more than $37 million for Prop 78 and against Prop 79 in the upcoming special election. Its opponents have spent nothing. Report